Have you heard Thandi’s story?

It’s a story that MUST be told around the world.  Please take two minutes to watch this short video (warning: Kleenex required).

Then lets go viral and stop this appalling animal cruelty before its too late… #SaveTheRhino.

Cornflake is determined to make some noise about the senseless killing of rhinos purely for the mythical properties of their horns. In a bid to help we’ve joined forces with UK registered charity HELPING RHINOS, which is working hard to ensure the survival of these magnificent wild creatures.

  • We’re financially sponsoring super talented and upcoming conservation artist Tori Ratcliffe to create a limited number of Art commissions; fabulous paintings of wild animals including rhinos to be displayed and sold from the Smart APPartment with all profits donated to this important cause.
  • We’re also planning several celebrity-led fundraising social evenings in the Smart APPartment, kicking off with a rhino’ Art and Photography Exhibition and social evening on 8th October.  Watch this space for more info and how to bag a ticket.logo

If you’d also like to make a direct donation it’s easy, do it online t:

To view Tori’s stunning artworks please make an appointment to visit the Smart APPartment on 020 323 4554 or visit Tori’s limited-edition wild animal paintings will be added to our blog as they are finished so do please check back regularly and let us know if you’d like to make a purchase.

Finally, we’d love you to share Thandi’s miraculous story with your friends & family; maybe together we can help stamp out poaching and save these beautiful creatures for future generations. Please use URL code:

Let’s tell the world this amazing story and put an end to mindless poaching.

Poaching 3thandi - paul mills (2) CropThandi Calf 5thandi-calf