Smart Electronic Blinds and Curtains

Far from merely an aesthetic choice, smart electronic blinds and curtains bring convenience, security and comfort to your household. In partnership with smart lighting, heating and climate control, they make the perfect addition to an automated home.

Putting you in control

Whether you have a large house with lots of windows or an apartment with floor-to-ceiling glazing, there are a whole host of practical reasons why automated blinds or curtains make sense. But, much more than that, if they are integrated into your personalised control system, they can work in perfect harmony with the lighting, climate control, and your smart audio-visual entertainment systems.

Programmed by our in-house team, the window dressings can be set to open and close to a schedule, controlled by a switch on the wall or activated via your personalised Cornflake app. They will even respond to your voice, for the ultimate in hands-free convenience. Fitted with whisper-silent motors to ensure you’re never disturbed, our curtains and blinds are made bespoke for every type of window style, for every type of home, and the finish, the fit and the technology are all second to none. In addition, they are fitted by our experienced and highly skilled installation team, so you have complete peace of mind.

Complete Convenience

The convenience of being able to open or close your curtains at the touch of a button or using your smartphone is easy to appreciate. There’s also a wonderful sense of theatre created by all the blinds opening at the same time and same speed – and our blinds are future-proofed, so will never become out of sync. Curtains or blinds can form part of set scenes to create different moods or suit certain activities. You might have a scene that opens the blinds and then turns on the radio when you come down in the morning. Or, at the other end of the day, close the curtains as the lighting dims and you sit down to dinner.

You can also use smart window treatments to help control energy costs. Blinds can be set to respond to a climate control system, reacting to keep a room warm or cool. By shutting blinds in the height of summer, you not only reduce the temperature in the room, but also save on cooling mechanisms. In addition, open them fully in winter to let maximum sunshine in and help warm the house without having the heating on full blast. All of which can be done on demand or programmed, for example, for the times in south-facing rooms when the sun streams through the windows.

Safe and secure

Integrated window treatment systems can help to keep your home secure while you’re on holiday – or to make a second home look occupied when you’re not there. Rather than lights turning on and off and curtains closing at programmed times, the system will mimic the last two-weeks’ movements of the household, so it will look like you’re going about your normal activities.

The high-performance materials used to make our window treatments will also keep your treasured furniture and valuable artworks safe from sun damage. UV rays cause real harm to fabrics, paint, carpets and much more, something that can be prevented by a sensor-controlled blind that descends when the sun moves round.

Comfortable spaces

Automated blinds and curtains make the difference between a comfortable space and one that is simply unusable at certain times. It isn’t just about the sun streaming in, either. The mirror effect created by big panes of glass at night isn’t always a comfortable one. Remote controlled blinds remove the need for ugly and dangerous pull cords hanging down. And if you have your hands fully occupied while making dinner, voice-activated blinds are a huge bonus.

The fact that our blinds are channelled into walls where possible to provide a perfect blackout, without any light bleeding round the edges, makes them ideal for bedrooms and media rooms. While a pre-programmed scene that closes the blinds, turns down the lights and lowers the projector screen, gets movie nights off to the right start. Just add popcorn.

Design-led solutions

While our smart blinds and curtains are high performing, this is not at the expense of their design. The products and systems offer solutions for windows of all shapes and sizes – from heritage sash to walls of glass. And they come in a wide range of beautiful, high-quality fabrics, all of which have been engineered and tested to ensure they’re suitable for an automated system.

You’re free to choose a design of curtains that is sympathetic to the style and aesthetic of the room, including the type and shape of the pleat. In addition, you can combine a blind and curtains or two blinds together for an effect that is both design and performance led. For example, a blackout blind with a curtain in a sumptuous fabric – on a motorised curtain track – over the top. After all, the curtains and blinds are often the finishing touches to an interior, so looks should never be superseded by the technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about the many smart window treatment solutions on offer, and even more of the benefits for your home or office, please get in touch.

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