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Home Cinema

From a two-seater in a loft conversion to the first ever two-storey basement IMAX that seats 18 people, Cornflake’s multi award-winning dedicated Cinema Project Team crafts every home cinema with the same dedication and precision.

Because every individual is unique, and because every space is different, we take these two starting points and build rooms that take you to your happy place, whether that is watching the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, immersing yourself in John Wayne’s Wild West or being transported pitch-side at a Wembley Cup Final. Delivering unrivalled audio and visual experiences, we build the finest cinema rooms for you.

We scale to reference level cinema with the same technology used in Hollywood studios to deliver the best-in-class cinema rooms for your home.

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Media Room

Elevate any room in your home by transforming it into a multi-purpose media room.

At the touch of the controls, convert your relaxed living area into a private screening room, a gaming room or an audio lounge. Featuring concealed screens or projectors that automatically rise up or descend, exceptional lighting that simultaneously changes colour to correspond with colours on-screen, and carefully hidden speakers to surround you in sound, you can completely immerse yourself in an enriching audio-visual experience. When finished, just touch the controls and you have your relaxed space back again.

We are masters at concealing sophisticated technology inside rooms and within the fabric of the property so that your beautiful interiors remain uninterrupted by the addition of any advanced technological solutions for your home.

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Fundamental to human mood and behaviour, great lighting makes a house a home. The value that Cornflake places on residential lighting cannot be underestimated.

We work with the best lighting design teams in the country. At our showroom in Fitzrovia, London W1, we have a dedicated lighting design suite so that we can demonstrate task, ambient and mood lighting together with the controls that can make instant improvements to your immediate environment.

Set each room in your home to beautifully pre-programmed scenes for day-to-day living and for special occasions. Bring fine art pieces to life, highlight architectural features and complement your interior design by enhancing the essence of your home, day and night.

The options are endless. If you want to change mood settings or the interior ambience in any room, we have all the controls at our disposal and can build new lighting scenes. Get in touch with our Concierge and we will organise it for you.

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Multi-room audio brings spaces to life. Whether you are relaxing and listening to your favourite album on your own or getting the house ready to entertain 50 guests. Our multi-room audio systems are built with discreet speakers and are simple to use. They are also completely flexible, allowing you to play whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

For the audiophile in you, we have not forgotten our roots as Cornflake originally started as a specialist audio business. We continue to have our own in-house resident hi-fi specialist to guide you to your ultimate set up.

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They say content is king, and it is. Cornflake works with every streaming service, every cable provider and every overseas requirement. We can even stream major feature films into your home on the same day that they are officially released in commercial cinemas.

Everything from the source components through to the cabling and the screen or projector is designed by us to maximise quality and performance. Delivery is the key, we ensure that multi room video and content reproduction is optimised for perfect viewing.

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Behind the scenes and carefully concealed in your home, we install the cabled infrastructure, the lifeblood of the system by which most equipment communicates. We carefully consider the design in order to accommodate the necessary technologies together with making provision for clear routes for expansion and upgrades.

The data network is the core of any system and we keep your data secure at all times. Security is fundamental to everything we do when working with external systems.

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Window &  Lighting Solutions

The control of natural light is equally as important as the control of artificial light. Automating the natural light in your property helps retain your body’s natural circadian rhythm. This ensures energising light flow during the day to relaxing hues when winding down in the evening and blackout to sleep. We can also programme your window treatments to open and close at specific times to protect precious delicate items such as artworks, furniture and carpets.

In London, owners of ultra-prime houses and mansions in districts such as Belgravia, Chelsea, Kensington and Mayfair are adding entire new floors to their substantial homes by building downwards, often by several storeys. At Cornflake, we offer a range of solutions that will simulate natural light for subterranean living and we can programme it, if necessary, to reflect daylight changes all year round.

We believe that the use of intelligent lighting is essential in today’s luxury homes because it can be constantly adapted to make your living space the most relaxing environment for you, at whichever floor level you are in your home.

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To us, your security is paramount and we are specialists in this field. We work closely with the best and most trusted security companies to integrate CCTV, analytics, controls, and home data security options into one single package. We have a very proactive approach and we can put in place multiple systems to deter intrusion to keep you safe and undisturbed at all times.

Please book an appointment to visit our showroom to receive a full demonstration of our home security options.

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