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We are the curators of connection.

Cornflake introduces intuitive technology to create life-enriching experiences in every aspect of the home. We enable people to establish deeper connections with their living environments by introducing systems that are personalised to every individual need. As a business renowned for meeting and exceeding its commitments, we are dedicated to providing the best service levels for our clients. Cornflake features a unique Concierge support service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Why is the company called Cornflake?

It is understood that while they were students at college, the original owners supplemented their incomes by selling vinyl records packed in cereal boxes. When setting up their business, they then named their retail outlet The Cornflake Shop. When the company was acquired more than two decades later, Cornflake was already an established and renowned high end audio-visual brand.

For almost four decades, Cornflake has been presenting immersive experiences for its clients, starting as an audio retailer in 1984. Today it is a multi-award-winning audio-visual, home automation and home cinema specialist.

  • The Cornflake Shop opens on Windmill Street in Fitzrovia

    Cornflake was founded in 1984 by two passionate audiophiles. They opened a retail outlet called The Cornflake Shop, at 37 Windmill Street W1, just off Tottenham Court Road, which is now the location of our Head Office.
  • High-end audio solutions

    1980’s – 1990’s
    In the latter part of the last Century, Tottenham Court Road and the area north of Oxford Street, now called Fitzrovia, was the key destination to buy premium electronics in London. The Cornflake Shop rapidly established a reputation for presenting the very best high-end audio solutions from specialist audio brands, providing an immersive experience for its audiophile clients. They would be invited to sit and listen to the same recording on different pieces of top tier equipment in order to help them choose the perfect HiFi system and speakers for their homes.
  • The Expansion of the Digital Age

    1990’s and 2000’s
    Both owners understood that the rapid migration from Analogue to Digital would open up a whole raft of new opportunities with regard to the way we consume music at home. Over time, additional technologies were added to the Cornflake portfolio, creating one of the very first ‘Audio Visual’ companies in the UK.
  • New Ownership

    In 2010, Cornflake was acquired by CEO, Robin Shephard, when the internet was still considered ‘nice to have’ in the home. The vision being that the internet would become a utility and therefore ownership of ‘the pipe’ into properties and the fulfilment vehicles would give huge opportunity when the nascent IOT (Internet of Things) market became a reality. There was a clear opportunity to present new connected products for the burgeoning ‘smart home’. With the emergence of streaming services, the company also predicted the development of home cinemas, and entered this marketplace.
  • Merger with Future Systems

    In 2012, Cornflake significantly enhanced its capabilities by merging with another strong audio-visual company, Future Systems, run by Gary Lewis, now co-owner of Cornflake. This full turnkey proposition, with all of the expertise owned in-house, differentiates Cornflake from its competitors and is a part of the reason for its growing successes.
  • Cornflake Launches its Concierge Service

    Cornflake launched its 24/7 365 Concierge Service, where clients can rely on the fact that all of their smart home solutions are being monitored and looked after by Cornflake, wherever they are in the world at whatever time of day or night. The Cornflake Concierge Service is available all-year-round to provide total peace of mind to our clients by offering remote support, adjusting settings, adding further services and fixing any issues.
  • Launch of the Cornflake Experience Centre

    In 2013, Cornflake launched its Experience Centre at 41 Windmill Street, W1. This is just two doors down from the site of the original Cornflake Shop, which was then converted into Cornflake’s Head Office.

    The Experience Centre was founded on the basis that Cornflake’s discerning clients don’t buy technology, instead buying the life-enhancing experiences that advanced technologies can bring them. A radical evolution in the market, even to this day, the showroom is designed to deliver moments of wonder and to provide fully immersive audio and visual experiences, whilst also showcasing the finest, yet often concealed, home automation solutions.

    Also available as an event space for hire, Cornflake’s Experience Centre is award-winning and is still unrivalled in the UK.

    Our Showroom
  • The Curators of Connection

    Four decades since The Cornflake Shop opened, the business has considerably advanced in new technological directions, whilst always keeping true to its roots as an audio-visual specialist.

    As an award-winning home automation business that can incorporate all smart home and audio-visual aspects into one connected and personalised application for each of our clients, we believe that your finest life starts at home, and as the curators of connection, we have the expertise to implement it all for you.

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Our Awards

2018 Cedia Award – Best Home Cinema (Budget over £340,000)

2021 Cedia Award – Media Room Level 1 EMEA

2021 Cedia Award – Integrated Home Level III EMEA

Our Values

We deliver with  openness
We deliver with  warmth
We deliver with  integrity

Robin Shephard

Co-Owner & CEO

“35 years ago, a small group of people set out to design and supply specialist high-end audio solutions to the premium London market. They called their newfound enterprise Cornflake, and trading commenced in 1984. The next 25 years saw the original founder expanding the business offer to provide a wider breadth of home automation solutions.

“Following a decade of working at a number of global technology companies, I went on to build a series of smaller start-ups in the same sector, which included a successful IPO in 2007. I bought Cornflake in 2010 and since then I have steered the business to become the preeminent 'curator of connection’, providing the ultimate intuitive lifestyle solutions for discerning clients in their luxury residences. Using research combined with my own experience of the technology industry, I have identified a key element in the progression of Cornflake. The focus is not just on the technology, but on the exceptional round-the-clock Concierge service and support that our clients receive when partnering with us.

“Following a couple of very strong years of growth, we are now providing the richest variety of experiences to our widest range of clients. This momentum drives us to reimagine the potential of what a home can be, delivering exquisite living environments around the world. At Cornflake, it is our intention to design lifestyle solutions that will truly enhance the lives of our clients and to be the best provider of support at all times. We nurture long-lasting relationships through interactions with our business in order for our clients to live the finest lives in their sensational homes.”

Gary Lewis

Co-Owner & Director

"My mission is to create extraordinary living environments by introducing the most intuitive technology into residential settings and to facilitate how clients can interact with their luxury homes in a life-enriching way. Cornflake introduces the latest technology solutions in home automation, home cinema, lighting and security in some of the most beautiful private luxury homes and residential developments.

“I have developed an in-depth understanding of home technology over the past 25 years. I started as an installation engineer, progressing to become chairman of CEDIA, the global association for the home technology industry (2011-2014). Being a member of the international board at CEDIA, the industry’s only certifying authority, my role was key in helping to shape the formative years of the industry by establishing operational best practices and developing standards that are the backbone of worldwide home technology integration to this day.

“In 2012, Cornflake opened the Smart APP-artment, the UK’s first dedicated experiential showroom in London W1. This environment enables clients to relax in a realistic designer-styled home and to road-test the latest smart technology. It is also used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for architects, developers and interior designers who are eager to position themselves at the beating heart of digital living.”

Our Team

Ian Carlisle


John Fitzpatrick

Tech Services Director

Kimberly- Jane Willox

Head of Marketing

Henry Shephard

Head of Hospitality

Vlad Ionel

Service Manager

Duncan Hammond

Engineering Manager

Tristan Rose 

Head of Residential Sales

Lula Scott

Head of Business Development

Ben Rodrick

Design Director

Peter Miller 

Client Sales Manager

Carl Cocker 

System Design Manager

Neil Murray

Projects Director

Scott Ducas Jones

Projects Manager

Sigournney Dean

Projects Procurement &
 Warehouse Supervisor

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