Smart Home Lighting

We curate every project using smart home technologies from leading global industry partners.

Smart lights will work using WiFi, if controlled in or out of the home, or they can be activated using Bluetooth inside the home. They can also be manually controlled. Cornflake installs smart lighting that can be activated and adjusted using our dedicated user interface.

Smart lighting systems are continually evolving to reduce energy usage in the home in order to comply with new legislation. The initial outlay is higher than standard lighting systems, then over time, that outlay is recouped through reduced household energy bills.

Quite the opposite. Smart lights are a security deterrent. External sensors can automate specific triggers within a smart lighting system and either internal or external security lights can be activated to deter an intruder before reaching the property.

Smart Light Bulbs are not really used within Cornflake residential systems. We believe the smart element should be centralized and controlled through one method. This makes the system scalable not just with the property but across multiple client properties.