Smart Home Audio

We curate every project using smart home technologies from leading global industry partners.

With 35 years of experience looking after the world’s best audio systems, Cornflake offers the best in the market after-sales support for all its audio systems including smart home audio.

Yes. Simply choose which rooms in your home that you want to have smart home audio and we will work with you to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Audio and smart audio systems have wide price differentials. We specialize in high-end smart audio systems and we recommend you visit our showroom to discuss your requirements. Hearing is believing.

Before undertaking any smart home audio installation, Cornflake assesses the infrastructure requirements first. Our smart home audio package comes with Cornflake’s commercial-grade data network. Most of our projects feature multiple music streaming devices so as long as the Wi-Fi and data networks are stable, all of your music streaming devices will work perfectly and they will also work simultaneously with your TV and video.