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Table with dim lighting with green chairs surrounding the table
28 March 2022

Cheers to spring with Cornflake & Lutron

Cornflake in partnership with Lutron hosted their cheers to spring dinner party for leading interior designers, architects, and construction invitees on Thursday 3rd March.

green energy home with natural lighting
25 March 2022

Powering your home with Green energy

As the world grows more aware of the effects of global warming, we are all trying to shift towards renewable sources of energy for powering our homes.

28 January 2022

Top 10 Media Room Features to Elevate Your Home

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to designing the perfect home for you. A home cinema creates an immersive theatrical experience equal to or even greater than a regular theatre viewing.

24 January 2022

Luxury Digital Living: A Guide to Setting Up a Smart Home

Smart homes are a distinct technological luxury in the modern-day and age, allowing you to not only better protect your home and valuables but also modernise your living and make your home more sophisticated.

21 December 2021

What is Home Automation?

It only seems like a few years ago that automated devices and technology that does what you want it to, no matter where you are, were reserved for sci-fi movies and TV shows.

20 December 2021

Powering Up Your New Home with Smart Technology

There’s something really special about a move to a new home. Especially to a newly-built property.

Smart Home Safety
17 December 2021

The Fundamental Guide to Smart Home Safety

The advancement of modern technology has revolutionised every industry and allowed for a wide range of applications within our everyday lives — security being one of the most crucial among them.

15 December 2021

Creating a beautifully dressed Christmas table at Cornflake

Providing perfectly-styled seasonal decorations for us to host a special Christmas dinner party for leading interior designers on Thursday 2nd December, award-winning interior design studio, Stephenson Wright and Harrods Interior Styling worked in collaboration to create the most beautifully-dressed Christmas table in our newly refurbished boardroom.   

cedia awards
16 November 2021

Cornflake wins in two categories at the CEDIA Awards 2021

We were delighted to be awarded two CEDIA trophies at the glittering CEDIA EMEA Awards 2021, which took place at Illuminate at the Science Museum, London, on Thursday 11th November.