Home cinema

An immersive experience

Tailored solutions for bespoke requirements:

  • Custom designed home theatre

    A purpose-built dedicated home cinema room for the full cinematic experience

  • Bespoke media rooms

    For those wanting to take their TV rooms or living spaces to the next level

  • Multipurpose viewing rooms

    For the rooms which serve a combination of purposes besides home cinema, like open plan kitchens or studies

A home cinema is one of the most immersive and convenient ways to enjoy film, gaming and streaming. At Cornflake, we specialise in bringing the big screen to you through our bespoke home cinema systems in London and across the UK. Combining industry leading technology with years of experience, we create sleek, seamless and cutting edge entertainment installations.


Whether you’re looking to renovate a basement or are simply wanting to give your existing media room a boost, we can help you mould your space into the ultimate setting for entertaining family and friends.


Our in-house experts design each of our home cinemas according to your needs, allowing you to enjoy a tailored cinematic experience using the optimum audio and visual systems for your room. Any space can be converted into a home theatre, whether it be a living room, multi-use space or a larger dedicated room. With Cornflake, no project is too big or small – we can always achieve the perfect home cinema installation for your space.

CEDIA Awards Badge

In 2018 one of our installations won the award for Best Home Cinema at the CEDIA Awards, so you can rest assured that your cinema room is in safe hands with us. Learn more about this award-winning installation here.

We believe that cinema should be treated as the art form that it is, and this means using high-quality equipment to help create the depth, detail and clarity needed to fully convey the visions of directors and filmographers. At Cornflake, we collaborate with top industry professionals like Meyer Sound and DT Screens to ensure that we are always producing the highest quality installations.


Our home cinema systems are the best way to enjoy high-end audio visual entertainment, revolutionising how you engage with cinema by transforming your room to bring you into the midst of the action.


Read on to learn more about what goes into making the best home cinemas available.

Meyer Sound
DT Screens


We’ve installed systems for projects big and small across a variety of budgets. Whether it’s a living room, a basement or a multipurpose area, at Cornflake we have expertise in a range of different scale projects while still delivering the ultimate experience.


All of our cinema systems are tailored according to your specific needs and budget. We have experience creating home cinemas in London and far beyond, so whatever your needs are we can accommodate. Our award-winning in-house design and project management team always provide expert design consultation on our turnkey home cinema systems, coordinating amongst our technical experts to ensure the best results.


Equally, if you have your own preferred interior designers or developers, we also have vast experience working with external parties to help achieve the seamless audio visual installation that you deserve.

Home cinema key features

We believe that our clients deserve the best. To create the ultimate experience for you, we always use top of the line technology and furnishings from tried and tested sources.

‘Customers are not buying a laser projector, screen and speakers; they are buying a cinema experience and that is where the value is. You cannot take shortcuts; the design and the masks are just as important as anything in the installation’
Gary Lewis, Director at Cornflake


It’s no exaggeration to say that a good audio system makes up half of the cinematic experience. Let our audio installations bring you into motion with outstanding richness and depth, creating a setting in which the full impact of entertainment can be felt.


We work with Meyer Sound, a Californian company that handcraft each and every one of their speakers to ensure that no fine detail is missed. This precision has allowed them to produce exceptional speakers used by world-renowned film studios like Pixar, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks.


Only Meyer Sound delivers the same audio performance that award-winning directors and producers experienced when they were making their films. Whilst we recommend combining Meyer Sound speakers with the powerful 3D surround sound experience of Dolby Atmos, we can offer high-quality audio solutions for a range of needs.

For users seeking out the highest degree of realism, we now also offer Meyer’s Bluehorn system. Establishing the new benchmark for precision of studio monitors, this system combines acoustic accuracy and digital modelling to provide a completely flat amplitude and phase response. Enjoy recorded sounds exactly as they were meant to be experienced, with clarity and transparency. The best things about our installs is you don’t have to compromise on style, with these powerful speakers typically hidden behind acoustically transparent screens.


At Cornflake, we know that it’s the small details that make your home cinema system unique, so we always strive to perfectly compose every element. With just a two man team, we can easily integrate even the largest of screens into a room.

Whether you want a hidden television or simply just a top quality screen, we can install bespoke and dynamic screens for rooms of any size.


Strong visuals make cinema that much more immersive, enveloping the audience in the action to create a memorable experience. For those after the uniquely high dynamic range (HDR) of images that fill every inch of a huge screen, we offer the latest laser projection technology.

Our cutting edge projectors are designed for enthusiasts and experts alike, reproducing colours just as they appear to the naked eye and ensuring a smooth and clear finish.


Lighting is an integral aspect of home cinema design, helping to create the ideal setting for enjoying film. Using smart home lighting, let our in-house lighting partners Future Light Design set the right tone for your home movie viewing. We use a selection of fittings to help achieve an end result that complements and enhances your setting, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the viewing experience.


For those in need of round-the-clock support and advice with their home cinema installation, we offer a concierge service. Whether you require remote support or a home call-out, our concierge plans are designed to help you with the maintenance of your tech to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your home cinema.

For the unplanned inconveniences like when there’s a blip five minutes before the Champions League Final and you need a fix quickly, we’ve got you covered with full remote diagnostic support. Equally, for the situations when you require in person support for a bigger problem, we can help you get things back to normal in no time.

All of our home cinemas are designed to make your life as simple as possible. You need not worry about unsightly cables or cords as all of our installations take these factors into account in the designing stage and everything is hidden to allow you to achieve the sleek and polished aesthetic that you’re after.

See it for yourself

Not convinced?


See our home cinema system in action for yourself at our London Smart App-artment.


For audiophiles and technophiles alike, there’s a reason that our award-winning, 4000sqft iPad controlled experience centre has been featured in Al Jazeera and Richard Ayoade’s Gadget Man.


Designed by industry leading architects and interior designers, the Smart App-artment allows you a hands-on look into market-leading smart home technology and how it can be integrated into any space.

cornflake cinema

Our Smart App-artment showroom is designed to give you a taste of what a Cornflake home cinema is capable of and how we can transform your own home using intelligent home automation.


Featuring the revolutionary THX 4K display digital projection, a four way auto-masking screen and Dolby Atmos 360 immersive sound from active multi-channel Meyer Sound loudspeakers, this luxury cinema room is the perfect setting to enjoy film as it’s meant to be.


Let our Dolby Atmos system transport you into a three-dimensional space, bringing you inside the action with moving audio that flows around you in sharp realism. Our carefully curated combination of equipment produces a dramatically real experience, allowing an audience to experience audio exactly as the production studio created it. Discerning homeowners, movie buffs and audiophiles alike are guaranteed to be impressed with our unparalleled home entertainment system.


A testimony to the power of our award-winning design and project management team, the Smart App-artment features a technically and aesthetically seamless design, providing clients with a glimpse into the planning work that goes into our finest smart home and home cinema installations.


Our in-house experts create a unique turnkey result for our clients every time, coordinating amongst our various technical specialists at every stage of the design process to ensure that our home theatres are crafted to the high-quality that we are known for.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your own home cinema installation or book a viewing at our Smart App-artment.