Our top team was on hand to guarantee the perfect audio conditions for London’s first listen of the new Beatles’ mono LPs.
Due to go on sale in September, the collection of 14 mono LPs – the format the band preferred – will be available individually or in a Limited Edition box set with a souvenir book.
After five years in the making the producers were naturally keen to launch the freshly-minted vinyl masterpieces under the best possible acoustic conditions and selected a top-of-the-range McIntosh audio system for a series of exclusive preview events for music journalists and industry professionals in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York, with the final session taking place in London.
The system for playback comprised two MC1.2KW amps, a C50 preamp, MT5 turntable, MEN220 room correction and XRT1K speakers all carefully installed by Cornflake, with thanks to McIntosh dealer’ Jordan Acoustics for supplying the superb kit.
Senior engineer, Peter Miller, says: “The best way to hear The Beatles’ music, in the way that Paul, John, Ringo and George listened to it in the 60s, is on a mono LP. And what better way to make that point than on a McIntosh system guaranteed to ensure each instrument and voice is distinct and separate, Cornflake is very proud to have provided technical support for this unique event where sound quality is of paramount importance and our expertise was specifically sought.”
The production team that led the ‘Beatles in Mono’ project is confident the new LPs are the exact recordings the Beatles approved for release. The dedicated team trawled through the studio’s original recording notes and made a fascinating film of the complex re-mastering process, complete with archive photos and footage from the swinging sixties.
Miller adds: “The first play was absolutely spine-tingling and the assembled throng of international music journalists was visibly impressed. I can’t wait for the LPs to go on sale so we can have a go at recreating the listening event in Cornflake’s own audio demo room for Beatles’ aficionados and audiophiles”.
The 180-gram vinyl LPs go on sale on September 8, individually or in a Limited 14-LP Boxed Edition with a hardbound book.
The Audio Room is located in the Smart App-artment. Visitors with an interest in exceptional sound quality and high-end reproduction are always most welcome to pop in and review the latest audio and HiFi systems in comfort.