There’s something really special about a move to a new home. Especially to a newly-built property. A new build can feel like it was made just for you, with the opportunity to decorate and arrange however you like. But for those who love technology, a move to a new home brings even more opportunities. A new home can be a great place to showcase the smart technology that enhances your lifestyle. Bringing you greater comfort, more seamless entertainment and even saving you money on your bills.

Here we’ll look at some ways you can take your home to the next level with smart technology.

Start off with the right energy plan

According to the energy experts at Switch-Plan, powering up your home starts with the right energy plan. The good thing about moving into newly built properties is that they often have smart meters installed. These can save you money on your energy bills because they prevent you from wasting money on estimated bills and ensure that you’re only charged for the gas and electricity that you use. Furthermore, by switching to a new energy plan as close to your moving day, you can escape the needlessly expensive deemed contracts that new movers face. These place you on the incumbent supplier’s standard variable tariff. Which is invariably their most expensive tariff. Even in the current energy market, where dozens of suppliers have gone out of business this year, there are opportunities to make significant savings on your energy bills by switching to a new tariff.

Smart tech can help you to capitalise on these savings by giving you greater control over your energy consumption from your smartphone.

Complete control over your home’s lighting

Lighting accounts for anywhere between 10% and 20% of your overall energy bill. So while your lighting may not be an energy guzzler, it’s certainly worth bringing under control. The great thing about smart lighting is that it enables you to control the intensity and even the colour of the lighting in your home from your phone. And because it uses LEDs, you know that you’re getting the most energy-efficient lighting possible.

Smarter heating and climate control solutions

Heating accounts for around 40% of your energy bills. While improving your insulation can reduce wasted energy through heat loss, smart technology can provide even further energy savings.

A smart thermostat, for instance, can save money on your energy bills by getting to know your household’s movements throughout the day. It prevents energy from being wasted on heating rooms that are usually left unoccupied.

Home cinema and entertainment solutions

New technologies have made home entertainment much more energy-efficient and immersive. Today’s home cinema setups offer an experience that gives most multiplexes a run for their money. While also saving you the cost of a ticket and a box of exorbitantly priced popcorn. And because you don’t have to drive to the cinema to get your film fix, you’ll even reduce your carbon footprint!