Every home is different, and every homeowner has a unique perspective on what aspects contribute to the perfect humble abode. And for some, such a place includes a luxurious home cinema. But how does one create the perfect movie room at home? What should you consider when it comes to home cinema room ideas? 

After all, this generation and many before it have fallen in love with everything the big screen has to offer. It’s just that these days every form of media is more accessible and higher-quality than ever before. And what better way to enjoy your favourite shows, films and embark on the most luxurious binge marathon of all time — than amidst the comfort of your own home cinema.

In this post, we’ll discuss the varying factors you should consider if you’re planning to install a home cinema room and require a few ideas.

The Big Screen!

When most people hear ‘home cinema’, they likely picture a luxurious media room with a big screen 4K TV. When we say home cinema, we mean a real, authentic, professionally-equipped home cinema. Regardless of room size or shape, it’s crucial for your cinema screen and audio technology to be of the highest quality, installed by specialists. We scale to reference level cinema with technology Hollywood studios use, allowing us to deliver the best cinema room ideas for our customers’ homes.

No matter if you want an intimate home cinema for a two-person apartment or an 18-seater IMAX home cinema — it’s entirely possible, provided you have the space. For example, an IMAX home cinema would need a space that’s around 80-150m2 (480-760sqft) and a ceiling between 2.4m-3.8m in height. But that’s not possible for everyone, nor their cup of tea for that matter. When you begin to think of home cinema room ideas, the big screen is the focal aspect of the room, so it’s a good point of reference when it comes to design.

Readily Available Video Content

Home Cinema Room Ideas

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article titled “Content is King”, but it’s difficult to imagine that even this Microsoft Mogul could have foreseen how video content would go from strength to strength. But how do you go about getting access to such a vast range of video content, especially feature films that are only available in cinemas? Ah, you see, that’s where a professional plays an essential role.

By working closely with a team of professionals such as Cornflake, you instantly benefit from the range of incredible services. This includes connections with every top streaming service, cable provider, and any overseas requirement needed to access the content you want. You can even stream major feature films at home on the same day as the official release in commercial cinemas. As you can imagine, such feats require sourcing many components to ensure maximum quality, performance, and complete satisfaction with your home cinema. 

Everything from sourcing components through to the cabling and the screen or projector is designed by us to maximise quality and performance.


Installing multiple systems — all of which need to work efficiently, safely, and in harmony — naturally requires many cables, wires, and the ability to communicate from device to device. When it comes to home cinema room ideas, it’s often the network needed and the cabled infrastructure that can be most daunting and confusing. 

The key to designing a top-tier home cinema is to make the complex appear straightforward. To a homeowner or guest, a home cinema is a beautiful room with comfy furniture, superb lighting, and state of the art equipment. However, under the surface, it’s an expertly-crafted network of technology working together to provide incredible audio and visual experiences.

Regardless of the size or style of the space, it’s crucial for your technology network to be out of sight and therefore preserve the magic of an authentic home cinema. This is among the most critical aspects to consider when planning your home cinema, and often many people overlook it. The tech side of things may not be the most exciting factor of a home cinema, but without it, you’d simply have a blank screen with a comfy chair to sit in. And while you won’t be running cables and precisely planning the positioning of various components yourself, it’s always advantageous to consider what you require technology-wise. However, if you have no clue what you want, there’s no need to worry; that’s what our team of experienced designers are here for!


Lighting may be subtle, often discreet and even hidden at times, but it plays a pivotal role in creating a desirable aesthetic and home cinema experience. Dynamic lighting helps to make your home cinema more immersive and engaging, much like the feeling you get from a good film. While you may not be an expert lighting technician, it’s good to consider the styles of lighting you like or feel that could work well with the style you hope to achieve (such as room colour, etc.). With this information, installation professionals will source components and use products that best suit your needs.

A great example of effective dynamic lighting is our previous project, The Clink. This incredible project featured a simple-looking yet precisely executed seven-seater home cinema setup. The almost blood red, tunnel-like aesthetic features two rows of seating with spacious aisles on either side. But the lighting is what makes this room shine, pardon the pun. The dynamic lighting setup consists of several evenly-spaced fixtures that travel up both sidewalls and along with the ceiling, forming a row of square-shaped arches. Therefore, creating a tunnelling effect that helps to focus more on the star of the show, your floor-to-ceiling screen. These particular lighting fixtures travel the spectrum from white to red to match the aesthetic of the room. Beautiful, right?

Are you considering home cinema room ideas for your property? Or want to significantly upgrade your current media setup?

At Cornflake, we have an award-winning Cinema Project team that creates bespoke designs to suit the needs of our clients and the specifications of their property. These two points are crucial for home cinema room ideas, as it’s vital to create a space that’s not only efficient and impressive but also somewhere you feel comfortable and genuinely want to spend time. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team and discover how we can make your dream home cinema become a reality.