When moving, one of the key considerations is decorating your new home. Naturally, you want your new décor to look fantastic, and you need it to be comfortable for living in. But you should also consider the energy consumption that comes with the aesthetics and comfort as well. It is possible to create the ideal indoor environment whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Smart decisions when moving house

Smart technology is one of the key home decor considerations that can have a huge impact. Connecting to the internet in your property, these devices exist to make technology in the home work the way you need it to and identify opportunities for saving on energy consumption.

Smart plugs can be programmed to switch on and off at certain times, and you can remotely switch them on and off at will. Smart light bulbs work in much the same way. Smart thermostats give you greater control over your central heating which, combined with a smart meter, can really help you cut down on energy consumption. You can also explore bespoke smart lighting solutions and concealed network infrastructure.

Finding the right combination of smart technology will allow you and your loved ones to live the way you like to. It also injects a natural sense of style and cutting-edge aesthetics whilst providing supreme comfort and helping facilitate energy saving at every possible opportunity.

Thinking about energy consumption

Some choices you make don’t need to involve smart technology but can bring about energy saving and comfort. For example, you should make sure all the lighting in your home is making use of LED bulbs rather than incandescent or halogen ones. This will provide an abundance of light at a fraction of the energy consumption.

You can also consider things like insulation for walls, floors and ceilings. At a more rudimentary level, you can look around for opportunities to prevent draughts by installing basic measures around doors and windows. You could also insulate the hot water tank, pipes and radiators to reduce heat loss. All of this will help make the home more comfortable and energy-efficient at the same time.

Making the right switches

When moving house, energy suppliers are another key consideration. One component of ‘comfort’ in a new home is the knowledge that you are not paying above the odds for your energy and other services. You can balance this with energy saving by looking for companies that supply a high degree of renewable energy for homes.

Look out for ‘greenwashing’ when searching for this. Many companies make it look like they are committed to green energy when, in fact, they do nothing to invest in the growth of the sustainable energy sector. Make the right choice and you could save money on your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and invest in the development of more green energy infrastructure for the future.

Final thoughts

Getting equilibrium between decoration, comfort and energy saving is a balancing act, but it doesn’t need to be a hard one. Be thoughtful with your decisions when moving house and you can make the right choices to achieve that balance.