Smart homes are a distinct technological luxury in the modern-day and age, allowing you to not only better protect your home and valuables but also modernise your living and make your home more sophisticated.

Setting up a smart home is an easy way to enhance the trendiness of your lifestyle and reach a new level of luxury so read on for our guide on creating the perfect smart home for you.

Setting Up Security in Your Smart Home

Security is probably the most important part of any home automation system. There are many different types of security to consider from first entrance into your home to CCTV to state-of-the-art alarm systems that provide the best protection money can buy. 

Modern developments in technology mean your security systems are more sophisticated than ever, offering higher levels of class and better protection than anything that’s come before. 

The broad variety of home security systems on the market means there’s something for everyone when it comes to personalising the home and finding the right security for you. 

Door-entry intercoms are making more and more use of facial recognition and other forms of identification and security are being taken wireless with motion sensors, smart cameras, recorders and floodlights to deter trespassers. Smart home security systems cover all the bases of protecting your home and ensure you always feel as safe as possible. 

Setting up Your Smart Speakers

Smart home speakers are the best way to enhance the auditory experience of your automated home and bring sound into a state of sophistication. Voice assistants are a popular choice, making for an easy, simple path to the luxury smart home you desire. 

Popular voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are readily available on the market but for a high-end state-of-the-art home automation system, you can pair these voice assistants with luxury home speakers to add to the grandeur and class of your smart home and keep your system looking and feeling ultra-modern.

There are plenty of speakers on the market designed for sophistication and discretion. It is important for the speakers to feel non-intrusive on the aesthetic and design of your smart home so a sleek, modern style will help you to maintain that luxury feeling. 

Smart speakers are also adept at elevating your sound to offer you a more flawless, state-of-the-art auditory experience. Your sound will be more immersive than ever, making your music and video sound clearer and sharper, adding flair and value to your home.

Setting Up Your Smart Lighting System

Lighting and light bulbs are commonplace features of every home. But gone are the days of flicking on a switch when you enter the room. Automated light bulbs can be made a part of your smart home experience, if you so wish it, adding more flair and style to your rooms. 

Smart light bulbs can connect to your phone’s applications over Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them remotely and let them do more for your home than simply light up, adding a sense of versatility that enhances the value of your home. 

Some bulbs have a dimming option, enabling you to create an atmospheric experience that adds a sense of warmth to your luxury smart home. Others have built-in speakers to play music, bringing a whole new meaning to surround sound. Why not put on some calming jazz or ocean sounds for the ultimate relaxation evening?

They can even change colour, adding personality to each of your rooms and allowing you to find the best lighting for each room. This high level of personalisation puts you front and centre of your Automated home design, enhancing your brand of luxury. 

Smart bulbs can even add an extra level of security with some brands able to be set to schedule to turn off and on which is perfect for the more forgetful among us!

Setting Up Your Smart Heating

Heating is another important part of any home and taking this up to another level to smart heating only serves to raise the value of your smart home and increase the sense of relaxation and grandeur that can come from having a regulated temperature that gives the optimum warmth for any room in the house. 

You can fix your boilers and heaters up with wireless thermostats that allow you to adapt your heating and are compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa to make regulating your temperature that much easier and bring a whole new level of smart living to your luxury home. 

Smart radiators can also come with a variety of heat settings designed to give you maximum comfort for all hours of the day, adding a sense of style to your home and making your life that much more sophisticated by adapting fluidly to your every need and desire.

Setting Up Your Smart Home Rooms

Ultimately, you’re going to want every room in your house to be achieving the same level of luxury quality to get the full smart, modern experience. 

With smart light bulbs, smart radiators and smart speakers installed throughout the house, it’s time to start thinking of the bigger picture. Maybe you want to set up your bedroom with smart blinds that increase privacy and bring splendour to every corner of your home or perhaps your kitchen needs an upgrade to make it sleeker and more modern.

Bathrooms can be upgraded as well with smart showers with varying water flow to different temperatures for air dryers. A bathroom makeover will ensure your home is sophisticated from top to bottom, revolutionising your home’s sense of luxury and bringing it into the digital age. 

Setting up a smart home is a worthy and exciting investment. Modern technology makes huge leaps and bounds every day and there’s no other kind of luxury on the market right now that even comes close to the experience you could get from making your home go smart. Your smart home is a mere click away so go ahead and speak it into existence and live the smart, dream life.